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Why is Chief Not on America’s List Anymore?

One of the big reasons America’s List was greenlit was because Big Chief Shearer was a big part of it.

However, this time around, the Chief has been missing from the show. It was also reported that Shearer’s exit was due to a conflict of schedules.

Regardless, this is an upsetting development for fans.

The show has promised more thrills and a deeper look behind the scenes. Fans are wondering what happened to Big Chief.

After he wasn’t featured in any episodes this season, fans took to social media to find out what happened to him.

They discovered that he wasn’t involved in the show’s daily driver shootout, and he hadn’t posted any new content to YouTube either.

The big question for fans is: why is Chief not on America’s list anymore?

Big Chief’s absence from the show has been widely speculated as a sign of animosity toward Shearer.

He claimed that he was too busy, but fans believe that the decision was more personal and based on a lack of personal chemistry.

However, the actor hasn’t confirmed that he’ll be back on America’s List in the future.

Instead, he has opted to take time off and spend time with his family.

The upcoming episode of Street Outlaws features a list shakeup, with new rivals.

The Chief and Shawn spy on Jackie Knox’s test hit in the Sonoma.

Jackie, on the other hand, has to race the #10 Chuck to get a spot in the top five.

AZN and Farmtruck are also in the hunt for second place, with Farmtruck and Boosted going on a salvage shopping spree.

Despite their differences in style, they are determined to make it to the top!

The Street Outlaws cast has been back in town for four seasons, but Big Chief has not.

The Big Chief, whose real name is Justin Shearer, has not made an appearance on the show since season four.

However, his absence has a definite effect on the show, as he is a key member of the Street Outlaws.

Nevertheless, the show continues to keep the 405 on the top ten list, as the pro-mods and Farmtruck look to gain a position in the top three.

Daddy Dave, meanwhile, tries to settle an old score with a fellow pro-mod and Reaper is battling car troubles.

Chief is battling to regain his number one spot on the list, but the Chief is still having trouble taking back the number one spot.

Big Chief has a starring role in Street Outlaws, a popular reality television series that launched on 10 June 2013.

Street Outlaws is an illegal, unsanctioned form of car racing, and featured Big Chief in its first two seasons.

The series ran for 17 seasons and spawned several spin-offs. Big Chief was also absent from Fastest in America.

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