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Around the Americas is launching an innovative campaign to encourage people of North and South America to preserve the health of our oceans through awareness, education, personal action, and collaboration. 

Become an Ocean Watcher
  I will practice and promote reducing, reusing and recycling.  I will reduce the amount of waste I produce and buy products with less packaging.   I will use re-useable water bottles and shopping bags wherever possible.  I will recycle plastics that cannot be reduced or reused.  
  I will conserve water whenever possible.  I will not overwater my lawn.  I will check my faucets for leaks and I won’t let water run while brushing my teeth or doing dishes.  For more ideas on conserving water, visit  
  Production of carbon dioxide (CO2) is one of the primary sources of global warming and ocean acidification.   I will learn about my carbon footprint and try to reduce it directly and indirectly.   For an online carbon calculator, visit  
  I will avoid using pesticides and chemical fertilizers on my lawn in favor of organic compost, mulch or manure.   Fertilizers and pesticides seep into groundwater and streams and end up in the oceans producing serious environmental consequences such as ‘dead zones.’  
  I will protect fragile coral reef ecosystems by not purchasing coral products such as jewelry or home products.  I will also avoid buying tropical fish that have been harvested from the ocean as harvesting methods lead to the devastation and destruction of coral reefs.  

I am a seafood consumer:

  I will try to eat seafood that is not over-fished, and willlook for fish that are ‘line caught’ or ‘diver caught’.  I will find out what species are not endangered in my region.   
  To support me in making responsible seafood choices, I will download a pocket guide, available online that provides current information on species that are sustainably fished, and those that are not:

I am a beach goer:

  I will leave the beach in the same condition as I found it, or cleaner.  
  If I bring my pet to the beach, I will clean up any waste my pet produced.  

I am a sailor/boater:

  As a boater, I will use my boat’s holding tank and will only pump out the tank at an appropriate pump-out facility  
  I will use non-ablative or non-toxic bottom paints on my boat.   Please click on the following link for more information about non-toxic bottom paints.  

I am a pet owner:

  Pet waste is a significant source of pollution on land and water, adversely affects water quality and is a source of bacterial infection in humans and marine mammals.  I will clean up after my pet.  
  I will not flush kitty litter down the toilet.  I will dispose of it in trash receptacles.  Cats can host a deadly pathogen called Toxoplasmosis gondii, which can be toxic to marine life.  
    My own pledge is:  

Get More Involved:

  Support projects like Around the Americas, by becoming a member of Sailors for the Sea (focused on marine conservation) or Pacific Science Center (focused on public education)  
  Contact your local government to learn more and to express concern about ocean issues affecting your community  
  Join an ocean conservation organization near you.  For a list of organizations, please visit:  


  Download and use Around the Americas’ free K-8 educational guides, either in a classroom or afterschool setting.  We offer both a formal (classroom-based) and informal (museum or afterschool-based) curriculum on many issues  relating to marine health  
  Get a local school involved by forwarding the following link to our website and curriculum.  
  Continue to follow our voyage, as it transitions from a marine expedition to a series of land-based presentations and educational activities.  
  Sign up to receive information on Around the Americas’ next lecture or event  
  Help spread the word.  Forward this pledge to at least 10 friends!  
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