Around the Americas One Island One Ocean
Crew Log 253 – Dorothy Was Right

June 29, 2010 – Seattle, Washington
By Herb McCormick

Precisely one year ago today, the 64-foot cutter, Ocean Watch, had just passed the 60th parallel en route from the Aleutian Island fishing outpost of Dutch Harbor, en route to another famed Alaskan port called Nome. Smack dab in the Bering Strait, the crew was enjoying a spectacular summer day, with a radiant blue sky reflected in a calm, almost mirror-flat sea…

Around the Americas is a 28,000 mile sailing circumnavigation of the American continents with the mission of inspiring, educating and engaging the citizens of the Americas to protect our fragile oceans.

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The Challenge
While many Americans feel a positive connection to the ocean, far too few rate environmental health – particularly ocean health – as a chief concern (The Ocean Project, 2009). In fact, even though many Americans identify climate change as a top environmental concern, the American public does not connect ocean health to climate change even though it is the ocean that controls global climate. The American public does not consider the ocean to be “at-risk” but consider the following:
- According to a 2006 study, leading scientists found that 29% of all global commercial fisheries had collapsed do to overfishing, pollution or habitat lost and the U.N. Food and Agriculture Council reports that 75% of the world’s fisheries are now either overexploited, fully exploited, significantly depleted or recovering from overexploitation.
- Coral reefs in 90 of 109 countries that have them are being damaged by cruise ship anchors and sewage, by tourists breaking off chunks of coral, and by commercial harvesting of coral for sale to tourists...
Advancing Ocean Literacy, Learning and Leadership
On May 31, 2009, a committed team of sailors, scientists, teachers and conservationists joined forces on a voyage that was vast in scope and ambition but launched under the simplest of ideas: The continents of North and South America are a single island, surrounded by a shared ocean, and with a common set of challenges, communities, issues, and solutions. To put it in the simplest terms, we creatures of the land are utterly dependent on the sea around us, and we’d better take care of it, or it won’t take care of us. This book tells the story of that amazing adventure, and sounds a call to action for everyone who loves this planet.
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